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Paving: Complete job including base material and finish material as required

Pavement Repairs: Removal and replacement of failed sections of asphalt to maintain the integrity of paved area.

Masonry: OC has the expertise to install any new Masonry including but not limited to sidewalks, curbs, slabs, aprons etc.

Concrete Repair: Removal and replacement of failed sections of sidewalks and curbing is critical not only for proper maintenance but from a liability standpoint as well.

Seal Coating: The weather, chemical spills and sun oxidation cause the deterioration of your pavement from the day it is installed. Seal coating will reduce the sun oxidation extending the life of the pavement.

Crack Filling: Crack clean out and installation of Flex O Fill rubber filler contracts and expands as the temperature fluctuates. This will significantly reduce further pavement failure that could result in trip hazards and possible litigation.

Catch Basin Repair: Managing storm drains allows proper flow and discharge of rain waters; therefore maintaining the integrity of the pavement and/or concrete surrounding the drain.

Striping: OC uses state of the art striping equipment ensuring the precise application of our heavy-duty paint.

Pavers: Aesthetically appealing, paver stones can be installed by our qualified personnel as an accent piece or as an entire project.

Signage: The installation of signs ensures the smooth flow of traffic at your location. An added benefit is the protection it offers the owner of the property preventing costly insurance claims.

Speed Bumps: Pedestrian injury and/or death can be avoided simply by installing speed bumps to prohibit cars from traveling to fast through your parking area.

Fencing: New fencing or replacement of damaged fencing is available as per the requirements of our customers and their security issues.

Rapid Response: We are equipped to respond immediately to repair water main and sewer line breaks eliminating the hazards of open holes and the liability associated with them.